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The Digital Angel Corporation, headquartered in South St. Paul, MN, offers the immense resources of our four technology divisions:

  1. Digital Angel Systems
  2. Digital Angel Animal Identification Systems
  3. Digital Angel Alert Call Center
  4. Digital Angel GPS and Satellite Communications

Digital Angel Highlights

The exclusive licensee under U.S. patents for Personal Tracking and Recovery Systems and In-building Location Systems.Marketer of the first consumer safety and location system that combines GPS location and biosensor technologies as well as provides phone and e-mail alerts to subscribers.The worldwide leader in pet recovery, with approximately 1 million pets in the U.S. and over 10 million in Europe protected by our patented microchips. Holds more than 40 issued patents covering key technologies in its existing products; also has five pending U.S. patent applications and two pending international patent applications. Designed and currently operates the Digital Angel Operations Center and Data Delivery system, a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure that handles millions of transactions daily. A leader in manufacturing GPS equipment for military applications, including electronic circuit boards and other communication and positioning devices used by pilots and military personnel in the field.
Digital Angel’s four divisions serve consumers directly as well as organizations ranging from farmers to hospitals … from law enforcement agencies and prisons to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Digital Angel Systems

This division is the world’s leading innovator of safety and location systems. Digital Angel Systems pinpoint the location of people, pets, and objects. In addition, these systems enable consumers and commercial customers to find out quickly if there’s a problem so that immediate action can be taken.

Underscoring the uniqueness of its technology, Digital Angel is the exclusive licensee under U.S. patents for Personal Tracking and Recovery Systems and In-building Location Systems.

The Digital Angel Operations Center and data delivery system reflect the company’s experience as an application service provider, and leadership in the development and support of:- Inventory management systems for such prominent online retailers as Amazon and Staples.
– Financial software suites of products for school districts and other educational organizations.

These systems are proven to significantly reduce record storage expense while increasing maintenance and retrieval efficiency.

Digital Angel Animal Identification Systems

This Digital Angel division has earned worldwide recognition with its innovative solutions for tracking and identifying pets and other animals. It is the world leader in wildlife, fish and domestic pet animal monitoring markets.

More than 11 million pets in the U.S. and Europe are protected by patented Digital Angel microchips, which are read by equipment in over 10,000 U.S. veterinary clinics and 6,000 domestic animal shelters. The patented system is responsible for recovery of more than 2,000 pets per month in the U.S. alone.

This company also manufactures microchips and electronic ear tag transponder systems used for livestock asset management, disease control and food safety.

The division’s proprietary technology is documented in more than 40 issued patents plus five U.S. and two international pending patent applications.

Strategic marketing partners include leading multi-national pharmaceutical firms, such as Schering-Plough in the U.S., Merial in Europe, and Dainippon Pharmaceutical in Japan.

Digital Angel Alert Call Center

This division brings nearly 20 years of call center experience in the delivery of medical assistance services to the maritime (90% share of US flagship market) and travel industries.

The division provides medical assistance and technical products and services through its 24/7 physician call center.

The division’s expertise in the coordination of medical care, physician consultation and translation assistance is well-suited to the real-time service requirements of the Digital Angel AlertCall Center now and in the future.

The AlertCall Center division is also a leading vendor of pharmaceuticals and medical supply kits to the maritime and aviation industries.

Digital Angel GPS and Satellite Communications

The Digital Angel GPS and Satellite Communications division is at the forefront of development in GPS location, radio data transfer and sounder beacon technology for hazardous environments.

Digital Angel communications and safety-critical equipment is at work in more than seventy countries worldwide. The British military is among the company’s largest customers, as are Johnson Controls and Siemens UK.

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