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Best Testosterone Boosters for 2022: A Review

Benefits of Testosterone

Testosterone boosters are fairly self-explanatory. They are natural supplements for men who may have testosterone levels (t-levels) that are lower than what is needed to function at optimal physical or sexual performance levels. The hormone testosterone plays an important role in men’s health.

Generally, men with low testosterone numbers who are showing symptoms of low t-levels can benefit the most from testosterone boosters (t-boosters). Some signs of low t-levels can be:

While they are not designed to help raise the t-levels of someone in their 60s to match the testosterone they had in their 20s, t-boosters are created to boost levels so that your body can perform better – in and out of the bedroom.

T-Boosters on the Rise

Particularly popular amongst men involved in fitness, sports, or body-building, t-boosters have been adopted by many as a legal and healthy substitute for anabolic steroids. The use of enhancers is on the rise, and one big reason is because they offer fast results. If you’re suffering from low t-levels and experiencing losses in the gym or poor performance in the bedroom, you understand as well as I do that testosterone boosters are the need of the hour.

Are T-Boosters Safe?

The short answer is, yes. Generally, ingredients included in testosterone boosting supplements are natural and listed on the packaging so you know what you’re getting. It’s always best to check for any reported side effects of the supplement you’re considering.

When taking any new supplement, it’s a good idea to consult with your doctor. This is especially true if you have a medical condition or are currently taking other medications, as ingredients may interact negatively.

Choosing the Best Testosterone Booster

Navigating through the numerous male enhancement supplements can be a challenge. Many products make huge promises but aren’t transparent about their ingredients. I’ve invested some time to help you narrow your search and find the right supplement for you. My process involved filtering out products with unsupported claims or reported harmful side effects, reading about how testosterone levels are boosted naturally and making selections that were backed by scientific evidence and user reviews.

The best way to see if a product backs up its claims with results is to check the formula for common ingredients that help boost testosterone levels. Positive customer feedback and the manufacturer’s reputation are also key when choosing a trustworthy product.

My review covers the three most popular testosterone boosters on the market. Keep reading to learn about the advantages of each product, and how to get the most out of each supplement. I have included information about common ingredients found in most t-boosters, as well as what makes each product on my list unique. All of the supplements have no reported side effects unless the recommended dosages are exceeded.

#1 TestRXTM

TestRXTM is first on my list for a reason – it’s the best all-natural testosterone booster out there. Designed to help improve your libido, shed unwanted fat, and build muscle mass fast, TestRX is specially formulated to help your body increase testosterone production naturally.

A total body transformation without synthetic ingredients is finally possible with TestRX. The vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts combine to make this a powerful supplement that helps you reach your athletic goals and improve your sexual health.

How Does TestRX Work?

TestRX is a daily supplement that aims to boost your testosterone levels and supercharge your sex drive. It focuses on communication between the brain and testicles, signaling the brain to produce more testosterone and directing the testicles to release it.

With no chemicals or steroids included in its formula, TestRX helps correct nutrient deficiencies in your body that are often present in men with low t-levels. The all-natural ingredients need time to build up the nutrient levels in your body, which means results may vary depending on the level of deficiency you have.

If you’ve experienced little to no results despite rigorous workouts, low t-levels may be the cause. TestRX enhances t-levels, resulting in a greater ability to focus and concentrate, as well as maintain energy throughout your workout sessions. This carefully formulated supplement helps men over 45 feel as virile and energetic as their younger selves.

The TestRX formula helps you build lean muscle mass and shed unwanted fat at the same time. Regular use improves your performance in all aspects of your daily life. Of course, the best results are achieved with recommended lifestyle changes like eating healthily and exercising regularly.

Benefits of TestRX

How to Take TestRX

The manufacturer recommends taking two (2) capsules twice per day with food or water. It’s suggested that you take the first dose in the morning and the second dose in the afternoon or evening.

While many men don’t see results in the first week, you should not exceed the recommended dosage as it will not speed up results but may cause unwanted side effects. Most users report seeing results after 3-4 weeks of daily use, though by the second week you may feel more energized and experience an increased sex drive. Optimal results can take two to three months.

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#2 Nugenix® Free Testosterone Booster

Nugenix® Free Testosterone Booster is one of the most trending testosterone boosting supplements in the market – and for good reason. In the last few years, Nugenix has received a ton of praise for its formula, which includes a powerful proprietary blend. Unlike some of its competitors that only boost total testosterone, Nugenix boosts both total and free testosterone levels.

Free testosterone relates to the bioavailability of the hormone in your body, meaning the amount of testosterone your body has access to and can actually use. Boosting free testosterone levels allows you to experience all the advantages of higher total t-levels.

How Does Nugenix Work?

Using a proprietary blend, Nugenix aims to boost t-levels quickly to improve your overall physical and mental health. Some ingredients have scientific evidence that proves they can increase the bioavailability of testosterone.

Nugenix® is not a testosterone replacement therapy or pharmaceutical drug. It’s an all-natural supplement made from herb and plant extracts, vitamins, and minerals. These natural substances are combined to stimulate your body to produce more testosterone naturally..

Nugenix® claims its formula will provide an increase in libido, sex drive and performance, and male virility. In researching customer testimonials and feedback, and weeding out reviews from resellers, I found that user reports backed up the product’s claims.

By boosting free testosterone, Nugenix® provides benefits outside of the bedroom as well. Many users reported an increase in physical strength and a boost in muscle performance during high-intensity training workouts. Resistance training and strength training protocols have been linked to an increase in testosterone.

Benefits of Nugenix®

How to Take Nugenix®

The recommended dosage for Nugenix® is three (3) pills per day with water or food. By taking the pills with food, you will reduce the risk of experiencing gastrointestinal side effects. Taking less than the recommended serving size may reduce the effectiveness of the supplement.

Since it is a high-dose product, it is strongly advised that you do not exceed the daily serving size. Additionally, since the product contains a proprietary blend, it’s difficult to determine how much of each ingredient is included. This means that exceeding the recommended dosage could lead to unwanted side effects. For example, too much of certain included ingredients can cause problems such as abdominal cramping, constipation, or diarrhea.

#3 Ageless Male®

Ageless Male® Max is a testosterone boosting supplement by the brand New Vitality, a reputable US supplement company. One of the most unique products available, Ageless Male® offers a two-in-one supplement that increases natural levels of testosterone and improves male sexual function.

Specifically designed to help men suffering from low t-levels, Ageless Male® helps rejuvenate your body by improving strength and vitality. In addition to boosting t-levels, the supplement also helps reduce stress levels and aids in weight loss efforts.

How Does Ageless Male Work?

Ageless Male will interact with different men in different ways, leading to the varying onset of results. Though it is highly unlikely that you’ll see results immediately, as it takes time for the ingredients to build up in your body.

The manufacturer claims that Ageless Male can significantly help improve your libido and sexual performance by enhancing the firmness of your erections. Additionally, users have reported more peaceful sleep cycles, overall mood improvement, and enhanced physical performance.

Benefits of Ageless Male Max

How to Take Ageless Male

Ageless Male® dosage directions are one (1) pill taken twice per day. The supplement can be taken safely with or without food, though it’s suggested that you take one pill in the morning and the other in the evening.

Taking more than the recommended daily serving size can lead to dizziness, headaches, and other complications. Results will vary for each user, but you can expect to notice some results within the first few weeks of regular use.

Common Ingredients of T-Boosters

Many studies I found show that zinc plays a vital role in regulating serum testosterone levels in healthy men and that men with low testosterone often have zinc deficiencies.

Generally, t-boosters contain some dosage of the following ingredients:

ZMA contains a combination of Zinc, Vitamin B6, and Magnesium, which all play a role in boosting t-levels. Vitamin B6 is commonly included as an immunity booster1, whereas Zinc2 and Fenugreek3 are often included for their ability to increase testosterone levels in your body. The three t-boosters included in this review only have Vitamin B6 and Zinc as common ingredients.

Unique Ingredients in TestRX

The TestRX formula is the only product I reviewed that contains the most scientifically-proven ingredients, which puts it among some of the best testosterone boosters on the market.

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Unique Ingredients in Nugenix

The secret behind the Nugenix formula is in its proprietary blend, which was designed to help naturally increase your free testosterone levels. Proprietary blends only show a total dosage of the blend rather than including how much of each ingredient is used. This can make it difficult to determine the effectiveness of the ingredients included in the blend. Their blend includes unknown dosages of Fenugreek extract, L-Citrulline, and Tribulus Terrestris6.

Unique Ingredients in Ageless Male

The key ingredient in Ageless Male® comes from the patented Testofen, a fenugreek seed extract, which has been clinically proven to help generate free testosterone in the body.

Comparing My Top T-Booster Picks

The criteria I used to rate the products included on this list are all things you want to consider when choosing a male supplement. Knowing how these supplements compare to others on the market will help you make an educated decision.

 TestRXTMNugenix®Ageless Male®
Positive Testimonials108.56.5
Ingredient Profile107.57.5
Free Trial OfferYesYesYes

I determined the effectiveness of each product by evaluating peer-reviewed journals and analyses from dietitians and nutritionists. Positive comments and reviews from around the web are a great source for information that is independent of research. I rated the ingredient profile of each product based on whether it contained effective dosages of included ingredients.

Why is TestRX the Best T-Booster?

When it comes to the testosterone-boosting industry, there are hundreds of products from which to choose. Its powerhouse ingredient profile, scientifically-proven results, and thousands of satisfied customers make it quite clear that TestRX is far superior to its competition.

This supplement enhances all aspects of your health including physical, cognitive, and sexual, to make you feel like your younger self. Add in the fact that they offer a 67-day money-back guarantee and you can’t lose. That guarantee shows the manufacturer stands 100% behind its formula and expected results.

The Final Word on TestRX

TestRX is hands down the best testosterone boosting supplement I’ve found. For men with low testosterone levels, TestRX offers the best ability to regain your youthful athletic performance, improve your mental state, and boost your sex drive. The manufacturer offers complete transparency when it comes to their formula, so you know you’re getting the right dosages of the best quality ingredients.

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